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Gamasutra - Suffering From Realness: A Tale Of Two Kanye West Ga

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In it West talks, as he often does, about courting the hatred and envy of other men (and peeing on them, it seems). Kanye recently collaborated with Future on " I Won ," (previously titled "Trophy Wife"), where he suggests he'd like to dip Kim's popular posterior in gold, among other superlative odes to his wife, various fashion labels and their high-end lifestyle, as Future sings about the feeling of having won a trophy, and showing it off. Fittingly, Future's camp also put a game out about the song. In the game -- Kanye West's first officially-sanctioned appearance in a video game, if I'm not mistaken -- he and Future sit by the sea in beach chairs. As Future sings his "I Won" hook ("A trophy, I won me a trophy"), the player controls the musicians as they fling gold chains at women strolling past in bikinis. Land a hit and the woman literally transforms into a trophy lying in the beach sand, score value floating up into the summer sun. "It's interesting to notice someone felt that game Kim Kardashian workout dvd mechanics would be the best way to Kim Kardashian sunglasses communicate and augment the spirit of "I Won." Probably if someone were to imagine a game experience sincerely designed to communicate the nuance and ethos of Kanye's fascinating public persona and his excellent music, this would not be it. But it's interesting to notice someone felt that game mechanics would be the best way to communicate and augment the spirit of "I Won." Another thing to think about is, as bleak and unsettling as we must admit "I Won" is, at the moment I can't think of any other video game with two black male playable leads and so many ethnically-diverse women, so there you go. "I Won" may be the only official appearance of Kanye West in a video game, but there are surely many unofficial ones -- observe this stunningly elaborate fan-made tribute to Kanye, hip hop culture and superstars like Lil B. <br>Source: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/218827/Suffering_from_realness_A_tale_of_two_Kanye_West_games.php

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